Why You Should Buy Our

Snow Blade


  • Expands from 8ft to 14ft
  • Folds out to 12ft and will plow upto 8 yards of snow with each push
  • Wings Rotate 180°
  • Can plow as a U blade carrying 5 yards of snow with each push

The Better SnowPlow’s 36” wings rotate 180 degrees. Using our wireless controller from the cab, you can change the configuration of the blade on the fly. Our blade can configure itself into a 12ft wide, U-blade snowpusher, making plowing quick and profitable, and then fold up in seconds to an 8ft U-blade for plowing in tight areas. The 8-12 can also fold into a V-blade when breaking trail in extreme snow drift conditions. The ability to wing the snow in either direction eliminates the need to plow going uphill.

More information about snow blades and snow plows can be found at IDMCABC.com

Heavy Duty Design

The Better SnowPlow’s main blade design is very similar to the blade of a dirt dozer. The extreme service snowblade has been engineered with a 3/16” blade face skin and boxed with formed 3/16” plate. All interior vertical gussets and structure components are cut with laser technology for a precision fit, giving maximum strength through the welding process.

Easy On-Off Quick Connect

The Better SnowPlow, with its “No Wires, No Hydraulic Hoses” design is the most versatile attachment you will have in your fleet. Our quick disconnect design allows Better SnowPlow owners to move the snow blade from bucket tractors to a skidsteer, backhoe, dozer, wheel loader, or even rubber-tired or track skidders in a matter of seconds.

Built to Last

Objects hidden under the snow have the potential cost big dollars in repairs and down time when you can least afford it. That’s why we went back to basics with our linkage shear pin design, controlling each of our wings. No coil springs, just two simple shear bolts with nuts that can be replaced in a couple of minutes while out in the field.